A new year, a new blog, and a lot of fun..

The story begins somewhere between mid to late fall. The time of year where the sun switches from it’s slow summer descent to a rapid plummet and leaves the Earth feeling cold, all of a sudden. It was so dry here in Tennessee this year, that we were cheated out of those really amazing colors that we all look forward to using as backdrops for family pictures. Luckily, sometimes the sun lights the trees just right, like it did in some of these images, and it makes the sky look like it is on fire. Mother Nature, has a way of being beautiful, no matter the season.  This day, was the perfect day to spend with family, walking trails with impeccably dressed french bulldogs and enjoying each other’s company, so that is what we did. I made the decision a few months ago, to focus more on what drew me to photography in the first place, which is capturing the bonds people share with one another, naturally. I am a lover, of details. The way a mother looks at her child, the laughter between them, the way a daughter’s hand looks wrapped in her father’s. Those are the things that speak to me and ignite my creativity and passion. And love. I believe in love, and all it’s many, many forms and it is important to me, to make sure a piece of today’s happiness lasts forever. This beautiful family let me spend the evening with them and we played and we joked, and because they showed me what they mean to each other,  I see the essence of them in this gallery.  Authentic is a buzzword, and so is storytelling, and I am happy to say, I am FINALLY in style, because I actually am, an authentic storyteller. I have big things planned for 2017. Lots of sessions to share with you. Meet my friends, Clay, Courtney and Liv. This is their story.

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