One day, you will want to remember every tiny detail of this..

It is the truth. Everyone named mom will tell you, that these little details slip by without much fanfare. The Universe doesn’t slap us in the face and tell us that today is the last day his hair will curl, or that her feet will be a size seven, or that tomorrow he will wrap his hand completely around yours,  when for years, he could only manage to circle your finger in his tiny hand.  We just wake up one day and they are not babies anymore and all we have are our memories. I have spent the last five years capturing every tiny detail of my child.  It is important to me. I lost someone I love, unexpectedly,  so I maniacally capture everything that is him, everything that is us. This year, I want to create these memories with my clients.

I knew Emily and I were kindred spirits as soon as I walked into her home. It is full of life and color and kid’s art, hanging on the walls. She values photography and their home is covered with images and the tables and shelves are stocked with photo books of their beautiful family. She normally shoots her own images, but she understands the need for mom to be present in pictures, so she invited me to come capture their family. Our first shoot was a portrait session while she was still pregnant and we bundled for a lifestyle shoot once the baby was born. Emily, is one of those moms that bakes, from scratch. The kitchen is the heart of their home and there was no better way to capture their “them” than to bake with them. We started out in the kitchen, making the dough, and I found myself so lost in the little details, tiny hands wrapped around whisks, little feet covered in festive glitter, that I actually stood silently by, taking pictures, while a toddler poured all of the vanilla into a bowl! Oooooppps!! While the dough chilled we played with the baby and took their first family portrait. Then back to pjs to bake and ice cookies and have some hot chocolate. For one of these littles, it was the very first time he had ever tasted it!

These mean something y’all. This is them. Fifty years from now, these four children will have this day with their parents in a book. A book that tells the story of how much their parents love them.  How priceless is that?

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